IMG_8820 Hey there! Once again thank you for checking out my blog! Since you took the time to check out my page I find it fair to tell you a little about me.

I am an aspiring journalist, I grew up in a city where I was exposed to so many social environments. Being an introvert is hard when you live in a fast paced city, I always had a hard time fitting in so I would constantly be on the outside looking in on the situations in front of me. As I viewed the world in a third person perspective my mind became flooded with opinions and ideas about our society and humanity as a whole. I’ve finally decided to share my opinions with the world, not to gain recognition, but in hopes that my words may touch the soul of another.  No matter who you are , or where you reside remember you are loved and cherished and most importantly .. you are never truly alone!

Radiating love and Positivity to you all!


Brittany A. Rodriguez